The 9 Best WordPress Music Themes Collection

Set up a brand new website in the musical niche, suitable for any DJ, promoters, bands or fan groups using the variety of WordPress music themes available online. We listed the top 5 themes you would probably love and that will suit your needs. These are generally Responsive (suitable for mobile and high-end devices), SEO optimised, elegant and fully documented. Ensuring your new website will be up and running ASAP, using WordPress templates is your best option, and also, all of the theme providers listed below are top quality companies & authors.

WordPress Music Themes Collection

1. Nocturnal

100% SEO optimized and elegant, Nocturnal is a great music WordPress theme for many reasons. The simple admin panel enables you to edit and change everything easily, you have multi layers to choose from and much more. Perfect for nightclubs and venues.

Nocturnal theme

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2. Beatheaven

This ThemeFuse template is great for event planners and artists, ready to use out of the box.


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3. Kontrol Music WordPress Theme

From the awesome guys from CSSigniter comes this awesome theme which combines great design and functionality brilliantly. Check out the demo below.

Kontrol Music WordPress Theme

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4. MediaScene

MediaScene is a modern music theme that will fit any purpose. Though it has a “darker” look, all colors and layouts can be changed easily.


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5. Harmony

Harmony is surely an elegant wordpress theme with a modern, clean design and strong back-end functionalities. Great for music related websites & blogs, bands, DJ’s and promoters, this theme is part of the Elegant Themes bundle and will grant you access to more than 80 themes for the price of $39.

Harmony theme

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6. Clubber

Easy to use and personalize with custom event management system, video integrated options and many other feature, Clubber is a great theme from the ThemeForest marketplace.


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7. Music

Packed with cool features such as the embedded music player, this theme is just cutting-edge. Suitable for any music related purposes or even an online radio station.

Music wordpress music theme

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8. Sport and Grunge

While some sports are meekly obeying tradition and rules, other sports like surfing and skateboarding are all about pushing the limits. The features and vibe of this theme conform to that mindset, which is why it’s perfect for grunge music as well. 

Sport and Grunge

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9. Soundwave

While movies have trailers to give moviegoers an idea of what the movie is all about, for musical acts the costumes and the getups may not be sufficient to tell people what their music is all about. But with Soundwave, that problem is solved as it plays sample music while also showing gig information. 

Soundwave theme

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